Do I have to pay commission to

No! is free for holiday home owners, no additional costs, no commissions.

Only travel organizations that advertise on pay a fee.

Why should I have my own website for my holiday home rentals?

An exclusive site makes a reliable impression and shows that you are serious about rentals. It will convince your guests.

You reach more people in more countries in their own language. So you score more hits.

An exclusive website provides all the necessary information but if people still have questions, then you can answer them quickly.

Your website is available 24/7 and is always up to date.

On search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, your website will score more hits.

For quick questions about your holiday home, you can refer people to your web address. Then your house will get seen and reviewed again and again.

Add links to your website on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media.

Your own website has far more room for big pictures and more information than a standard listing does.

Why should I go with for my own website?

Your website is automatically translated into 10 languages so everyone can understand it anywhere in the world.

You choose your own web address (URL). For example:

People can read your website not only on computer screens but also, with our web apps, on their smartphone and other small mobile devices.

The site has an active calendar that tracks reservations and availability. When you enter the start and end dates, it automatically calculates the price.

The active calendar can also reserve additional services: cleaning, bedding, extra bed, etc.

The website is built for flawless indexing on search engines. That makes it much easier to find by a much bigger audience.

The website has integrated Google maps that show your location in detail.

Website hosting is included at no extra cost. We use the fastest and most secure servers in the world (Amazon).

The website is linked to your own (free!) booking system. You can manage bookings quickly and respond at once to queries.

How do I make my own website on Akomgo?

Just fill out all the details of your holiday home, add photos and does the rest.

What does my own website cost?

Your website, including the web app for smartphones is free of charge.

Your personal domain name, including hosting, costs € 23 a year. (this is optionally but not essential)

If you have several properties, you can apply for a customized price for the URL registrations, if required.

Can I update the details of my holiday home on myself?

Yes, just login on and update whatever you like 24/7.

Can I use my availability calendar on other websites?

Yes. Just place a link to iCal in your bookings system and your calendar will always be up to date on every site.

Want it on another website as well as Akomgo? Just copy and paste iCal onto the other website. Your calendar stays up to date. Everywhere.

You can also import an iCal calendar from another web site into your booking system.

Do I need a domain name or website address before I start? will arrange this for you. Request the name you want for your website. We will verify that this name is available and if so, then it will be your website’s name and address (URL).

TIP: It’s best to make a unique and distinctive website name (URL) that suits your own holiday home. For example:

Why is an private domain name better than a free domain name?

The free domain name is a subdomain of..... rent. For visitors this is less easy to remember than a unique name.

A free URL is cheap, but there are also disadvantages. For Google and other search engines, the URL is part of a large group because you share the address with all those other holiday homes that also use a free address.

In order to be found better in the search engines, we recommend that you create your own URL. The costs for your own url can be found on our site.

To make optimal use of this, we recommend that you keep it as short as possible, indicating the location name and, if possible, the type of accommodation. In this way the search engines know how to find your website perfectly with just the name.

Can I use my own existing domain name?

Certainly! If you would like to use your own domain name for your holiday home, please get in touch (contact form) and we will look after the integration.

Do I have to translate my texts myself?

No! After you fill out all the details of your holiday home, will look after the translations using specially written software for 10 languages.

How do I respond to queries from guests?

You won’t find it a problem with our bookings system.

Just follow the instructions. Akomgo works with standard reply forms that you can use to answer queries from (potential) tenants.

The standard reply forms are available in five languages.

Do I have to set my own Terms & Conditions?

No! With, you have access to perfect Terms & Conditions in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian. It’s all done for you.

All you need do is fill out the details of your guests and the booking.

Don’t forget to attach the Terms & Conditions when you mail them the reservation form.